Concurso Morfológicos

We had our first experience with this ‘Concurso Morfológico’ in Palma, where the PRE horses are graded about their morphology and their movements. We took Valenciana and Sophia, both two years, there, after Juan had trained them for months and made them pretty. Since it was their first trip ever, especially Sophia was quite nervous and when it was her turn, alone in the arena, she didn’t behave well, was crying for her friend Valenciana and did’t show her elegant movements like normal. That she didn’t fit into the look of the classic PRE horse, we knew already, therefore she is too fine. But we thought the judges will at least respect her movements. But she failed of nervousness and was eights out of eight. Well, at the end it’s all about taste anyway and we thought she war the prettiest one of all.
Valenciana though turned fourth and the funny thing was that we saw the owners from the two winning horses having lunch together with the judges, ha! OK, number three was really pretty, but one and two….. pffff. No comment. It was an experience which showed us that for us, since we want to breed what we like and not what funny judges like, those concursos, at least if we talk about those in Palma, are not of so much importance to us.

Our two heroes:





2 Replies to “Concurso Morfológicos”

  1. What a day you must have had, exciting and frustrating. Those 2 horses are beautiful, what a joy.Laurie still trying to get pregnant. Sean doesn’t seem to mind the project. Not much new-they are working on Reggie’s house-end of block. Want to lease it out for $40,000 a month. Crazy to me. New house next to Claudia still for sale. So you see here not much changes-could it be Gerhard not here pushing things along? Thanks for the updates do enjoy them so much. Love, Eileen

    Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 13:15:49 +0000 To:

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