More foals

Let me introduce you to two new foals on the finca.

First arrived Gallietta on the fifth of May, out of Baz Sif, the mare who already gave us the fourth foal. This time, the father is Karim by Psequel, the pretty arab stallion, who is father of Camilla as well.

Gallietta was the first born during the day, so for me it was the first time seeing the birth of a foal. All went well and little Gallietta was strong and quick on her feet, drinking her fist milk.

One hour later though she started to bleed heavily out of her navel, got heavy seizures and high fever. Thanks got the veterinary was quick with help. Two days and nights of intensive care and baby bottle feeding and she came back, showing her strong arabian temperament since then.

IMG_6285Version 2IMG_3227 IMG_3231   IMG_6356 IMG_6564 IMG_6567

Next came the long-awaited, first pure race stallion of the finca, big and strong and definitely the perfect figurehead for our stud. And of course we named him Giardino. His mother is Deliciosa, father again Jardinero, and as we think, this is the perfect mixture!

IMG_6619 IMG_6561 IMG_6559 IMG_6551 IMG_6347



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