Our new stables are right beside the covered round pen with a diameter of 16 meters.

We have four big 4×6 meter boxes,four 3×6 meter boxes and one very large 4×10 box with its own paddock.

From there you walk or ride along the edge of the woods to our huge 50×80 meters riding arena.

There is also a 3km long bridle path on the finca to ride along, up and down.


IMG_5309  IMG_5357IMG_5300 IMG_5298 IMG_5287 IMG_5285 IMG_5284 IMG_5272 - Arbeitskopie 2 IMG_5277 IMG_5278IMG_5264   IMG_5228 IMG_5223 IMG_5205     IMG_5187  IMG_5121 IMG_5113  IMG_5098 IMG_5092 IMG_5082 IMG_5069




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